January 2016 Lolita Wardrobe Post!

Today I get an important stamp on my “Lolita Street Cred” card. Today marks my first Lolita Wardrobe post! You may remember me mentioning earlier that for the first 10 years of my Lolita life I wore a single black velvet dress until about 2013 when I got a better job and was finally able to afford to expand my wardrobe. I’ll start the post with my original dress and then expand into blouses, dresses, and accessories.


This is my first OP, from the now defunct UK indy brand “Lolita Rose.” I remember seeing other dresses of theirs in a big goth store in Camden Stable Market (I think it was called “Black Rose”) and not liking them very much but this dress is a cut above. The velvet is thick and the construction is sturdy. The lace is soft and I’ve managed to keep it in really good condition despite getting it in 2006. It was a gift from a very generous friend and I’m grateful to this day that she gave me my first ‘gateway’ Lolita dress.


Details of the top of the dress. I love the gathered lace, it’s like a little modesty panel and compliments the trim.

Now on to the newer items!



Left to Right: Bodyline white pearl/bow blouse, Pink bodyline fully shirred blouse, White off brand shirt with pearl buttons, Lavender off brand chiffon blouse. The last two blouses were $5 each from second hand shops! 😀


Black blouses! Top to bottom, left to right: The chiffon bolero is from a Chinese brand that I can’t remember, Chiffon blouse from Elegy, Long sleeved blouse from Re:Style, Bodyline short sleeved blouse with bows, long sleeved square neck blouse from FanplusFriend.



Top- Metamorphose, Bottom- Baby the Stars Shine Bright (lucky pack skirt)


Albino Accord skirt from Elegy in black.



Old School JSK from Angelic Pretty. The first brand dress I ever purchased.


Bodyline JSK. I ADORE this dress. I love me some old school Lolita.


Angelic Pretty’s Holy Lantern 2015 release JSK, paired with a Dear Celine blouse. This blouse is my favorite, but I keep it with JSKs because it’s pretty short on me 😛

I usually don’t get dresses in multiple colors but Rouge Arie Designs’ “Nightmare Rising” JSK comes in two colors and is very affordable. I got the navy version second hand (it is an earlier version that has the One Day in Paradise tag on it.) The black one I got directly from RAD during a sale.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright 2014 Lucky Pack Rose and Cherries JSK and matching head bow. I also have the matching socks.


Bodyline brown scallop edge JSK and Bodyline beige blouse.


Angelic Pretty’s Eternal Rose Bouquet cap sleeved JSK. One of my dream dresses. I plan to get married in this dress.


Angelic Pretty Mercator Antique Store JSK in Lavender. This is likely my favorite dress.


Haenuli Angel of Music OP.


Ergi by Piratessan’s Sleipnir JSK paired with an Infanta under-dress.


Dear Celine JSK. Originally it had a blue chiffon over skirt with lace on it but it became horribly discolored in the mail and I had to cut it off. Luckily I did a good job. I really need a head bow for this.


Haenuli’s Planetary Dreamer JSK in purple with matching head bow. Another dream dress I literally had dreams about 😛


Bodyline Old School JSK. I also got a matching head dress for it, also from Bodyline.



All my hair accessories aside from bows that come with dresses.

Bodyline shoes!


Innocent World purse. A little beat up since I used it to for work for a bit.


Off brand purse, black rose crown headband from ReStyle, and custom made antaina shoes form “My Lolita Dress” website.

I think next year I will try to use a better camera but I didn’t want to spend too much time putting this together, but I’m also glad to have a visual record of my Lolita wardrobe. This year I want to concentrate on improving my hair and makeup with my coords. I feel like my hair was more utilitarian this year than pretty and it makes me a bit bummed, so in the mean time I’m looking up cute hair styles I can do when it’s warm and digging out my wig collection for when it’s colder out.

Thanks for hanging out and checking out my wardrobe!


Making a Comeback

Hello all!

My apologies for the hiatus! Between my full time job, health issues, making art, and everything in between this blog fell into the cracks. But luckily my journey with Lolita fashion hasn’t stopped so I’ve decided to do my best to keep going with this blog. Here are some of my Lolita related updates!

-Recently Lace a la Mode has started a 365 day  Lifestyle Lolita challenge. I’ve started following it through facebook but I will try to collect my posts here, or at least my favorite ones to share.

-I’ve been more active in my local community and I’m very happy about it. People remember me and I’m getting much better with faces and names. Everyone is so nice and helpful and it feels great to have more friends who are into the same things I am, not only fashion-wise but other interests like art as well. Everyone is so creative! *gushgushgush*

-My Lolita wardrobe has been growing steadily. I’ve been surprised by how much Angelic Pretty I’ve been acquiring lately (at least for me, I always thought my wardrobe would be mostly black but I’ve been really attracted to lavender recently and now I’m trying to add some more Gothic elements). I have a two week ‘stay-cation’ planned for later this month so that will grant me the perfect opportunity to do a proper Lolita Wardrobe post! My attempts to do one last year failed but this will be the year I’ll do one! (That’ll be one stamp on my Lolita card please!)

As a big thank you for sticking around I’ll post my past outfits from 2015!

886017_10153530770686183_2209941197252084987_oJSK/Head Bow- Angelic Pretty, Shoes- Bodyline, Bag- Lorris?, Blouse- Offbrand, Jewelry- Automatic Honey, Wig- GLW

I wore this outfit to RetroCon and got to meet the Nostalgia Critic in it. I think this may have been my favorite outfit so far.

I managed to acquire both colorways of the Nightmare Rising JSK from Rouge Aerie Designs. I wore the black one in a simple coord to go to the movies with my husbando, and then the blue one for a fancy tea party to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. I had navy wrist cuffs but I accidentally grabbed the black ones instead >_>


For summer ILD I joined the Central VA lolitas for a tour of Agecroft House and Tea at the Jefferson Hotel. We had our photo taken by Bygones Vintage Clothing in front of the Bryd Theater. It was very hot so I opted not to wear a wig, but I kind of wish I had just sucked it up. Even though I was wearing an OP I felt under-dressed next to everyone else. But I have coords for next summer being planned out so I’ll be more prepared to look nice and not melt 😛

On the left is my outfit for Winter ILD. I felt a lot more prepared for this one. I paired the Sleipnir JSK with an Infanta under dress, a crown of Rowan Berries, and a velvet cloak. It ended up being too warm for the cloak. I hope to get some Viking broaches for this coord and wear it again, maybe to a Pagan event. The blue Dear Celine dress (paired with a bodyline blouse and no petti) was my causal outfit for Christmas dinner. We had both sets of parents over and lots of cooking to do so I opted to look nice but toned down. I may fancy up this coord later and add some more red to it.

I wore my Haenuli Planetary Dreamer JSK to OmegaCon, a local convention I was tabling at. I always try to wear Lolita at least on a Saturday for longer conventions. I had a blast and I hope to table there in 2016. The pink old school AP JSK was worn to work as my interpretation of “Opposite Day.” I took it as opposite style since I usually wear all black casual clothes to work. Everyone got a kick out of it and I won a pizza gift card for best outfit. I was using a cane at the time because I had turned my ankle and needed some extra support (I didn’t wear the shoes all day, just for photos).

I think 2015 was the year that I wore the most Lolita I ever have. I’ve come a long way, not only in collecting pieces, but also how I think about coordinating them. I still have a ways to go but I’m excited about all the possibilities. I’m also excited to be joining the Lolita journeys of some of my friends who are now getting into the fashion and will soon be joining me at meet ups. 2016 is bound to be the frilliest year yet!


Merry Meet!

Hello all!
Work has been keeping me VERY busy these last few weeks but this Saturday I managed to drive to Richmond for a lovely Lolita meet up! I’ve only been to one other meet in 2009 so I’ve never really been a part of a Lolita community before. As I got ready for it I was met with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I put a lot of thought into my coordinate and I think I did a really good job considering I’ve been coordinating one solid color dress for 11  years before this 😛 Here are some of my mirror shots I took before leaving my house.

10443050_10152482194271183_2297147314004237520_o 10379543_10152482194506183_4476749519893923471_o

•    Blouse: Bodyline
•    JSK: Baby the Stars Shine Bright (lucky pack)
•    Tights: Leg Avenue (via Sock Dreams)
•    Shoes: Bodyline
•    Wrist Cuffs: Belladonna
•    Hair clip: H&M

For this coord I wanted to wear black (as I usually do) but I needed to be mindful of the heat since the meet up is a picnic, so I tried for a ‘Bitter-Sweet’ look. I had recently purchased this JSK on lacemarket and had been collecting some pieces for a sweet coord I plan to do down the line, so I was able to combine them into a cohesive look. I also really like how the vertical stripes of the tights lead to the vertical print of the dress. Playing with new styles is keeping Lolita fresh for me and gives me a fun challenge.

Aside from the fun of putting an outfit together it was also really great to meet so many new people at once! I’m generally a hermit when it comes to spending my weekends (or at least I feel that way) so it was nice to be around other Lolitas. Everyone was so nice, and well dressed! There were some amazing coords, everything from the popular brands mixed with handmade items, and amazing completely handmade outfits. I was very impressed as well as inspired. I look forward to more meet ups in the future 🙂

(You can see more photos from the meet up if you’re part of the ‘Central VA Lolitas’ group on Facebook. I might post some more photos later once everyone posts theirs’ and I ask permission to share them here.)

New Dresses and Life Update

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last post and I wanted to let you know what was going on.

  • I was having health problems with my knee and got that sorted out! (Cortisone shots = painful but soooo helpful!)
  • We’ve had sporadic overtime at work lately but now we’re back on regular hours.
  • I’ve been collecting more Lolita items and slowly working on taking photos of everything so I can make a proper wardrobe post!
  • I’m going to be selling my artwork at some conventions at the end of the year and I’ve been working on finishing two new comic book projects to have ready by then.

Lolita-wise, here are my latest acquisitions so far (or stock photos of them):

ImageBaby the Stars Shine Bright Cherry Rose Lucky Pack Set (minus the purse and coin bag).



Dear Celine Angel’s Song JSK in Navy. This lovely should be arriving this week!



Dear Celine Blouse. It’s very short but I loooove this blouse so much! (Photo taken by previous owner)


Once the dresses arrive I’ll try to take photos of everything for the wardrobe post. It feels so nice to finally have enough clothing to even make one 😛 See you all next time!



Fashionable at the VMFA

Back in early February my fiance’ and I joined some friends on a trip to the VMFA in Richmond to celebrate the birthday of our dear friend Seir and oogle a collection of costumes from various movies. For the occasion we all decided to dress up, and now I can finally share those photos with you. I don’t have any photos of Seir but I’ll be sure to post links if she posts her outfit.

ImageHere is my first attempt at a black x lavender coord. Black was definitely the dominant color for it and while I enjoyed wearing the outfit I think the next time I take it out I will try to add more lavender to it. I’m thinking maybe a detachable over-skirt in a light fabric like chiffon would be nice. Or maybe if I’m at a con going with a more maid cafe’ look and having a little half apron with pockets. There are lots of things I can do to change up the outfit which I always find exciting. I also realize my Fluvog boots aren’t terribly Lolita but it was cold and there was walking to be done so I wore them anyway. They have a unique look to them that I feel comfortable wearing them with almost anything. Although I am looking into getting some lavender lolita shoes. I’d love to find some tea party shoes~


ImageAnd here we have the always handsome ‘Moody.’ His Kimono and Hakama pants were purchased from Arise Bazaar while were we at Nekocon last year. A friend of ours works there and is very knowledgeable in traditional Japanese garb. She even skyped with us that morning so Moody and Seir could get their Hakama pants and his Kimono tied properly so they wouldn’t look disrespectful or silly. We had originally planed to make Moody some tabi socks to wear with his sandals but we didn’t have the time so he went with more of a ‘Six String Samurai’ look with his Chuck Taylors. It was also pretty chilly that day with lots of walking around so that helped.

All and all it was a really fun and fashionable day, even if I was a bit under the weather.

Coordinating With Less (and a bit on Corsets!)

Hello everyone! And a warm welcome to my recent followers! It’s nice to have you along for the journey 🙂

Today I want to talk about how to make a Lolita wardrobe work for you when you only have one main Lolita item; in this case an OP or JSK (dress or jumper-skirt). For years now (about 7) I only had one black velvet OP in my Lolita wardrobe. A main reason this worked for me was that I didn’t get to wear it very often, so it was always special to me when I did dress up. The key to keeping the dress fresh is accessorizing!

First I’d think about what colors I wanted the coord to feature. My dress was solid black so more black was always easy. I’d use gothic styled accessories that I already owned and I’d have a Kuro Lolita outfit together rather quickly. I already had plenty of jewelry and sweaters and hair accessories to use for this thanks to my goth days in high school. I also liked using black roses as a motif and used hair clips and jewelry featuring them. If I wanted a very sophisticated or formal feel I’d used pearls and even a steel boned waist cincher to dress it up even more. I’d highly suggest using things like 2-way clips/broaches on your dresses for different looks. I highly suggest some bow and chain clips, I’ve had my eye on some from Little Banshees store.


Two of my own coords from around 2008 and 2010 using the same dress.

I’d heard from other Lolitas, even in 101 panels at cons, that generally corsets are not considered Lolita, and while I agree that corsets by themselves are not Lolita I honestly believe they can be used to create beautiful coords; if used correctly.


How you use your corset in your outfit can determine the difference between this elegant outfit on the left by Lief or the costume on the right. (I call it a costume because that’s what the link calls it. If this is something you want to wear, go for it, my point for this article is that the corset itself does not help make it a very Lolita outfit.)

My main reason for using a waist cincher (short under-bust corset) for so long was because I didn’t like the silhouette that my dress gave me by itself. I wanted to lower the waist as well as slim my figure and the cincher did exactly what I wanted. Now a-days I will go without it only because I don’t mind the dress’ natural shape now and I find it more comfortable for longer days/events to go without it. For those that still argue against the use of corsets in Lolita I tend to bring up Excentrique, and how they feature heavily in the Lolita bibles.

Corsets, cinchers and bodices can create interesting and unique coords when used with care. Lolita fashion is so diverse and rich with outside influences in recent years that I would hope this still isn’t a problem today. (I remember the early days when wigs were considered taboo and strange with Lolita, and look at us now!)

Recently I’ve also been adding colors like burgundy and lavender to my black OP outfits. Using accent colors is another great way of extending the use of a dress. Using accessories like wigs, sweaters/boleros, and hosiery are easy ways to add larger splashes of color as well as using smaller accessories like jewelry and shoes to tie those colors into the coordinate. My lavender outfit relies on my wig for the large splash of color while my jewelry, nails, and wrist cuffs tie them in. My burgundy coordinate idea is a long way off from being done but the idea was to use a burgundy wig, black hair accessories to match the dress, and then tie it in with jewelry, shoes, and maybe a long sleeved blouse, chiffon underneath it. While blouses aren’t typically used under OP dresses I think when they are they can be used for a lovely dramatic effect.

Even having one main piece in your Lolita wardrobe you can have endless possibilities with your outfits! If you’re worried about finding accessories I’d highly suggest checking out places like Claire’s and Etsy for unique and cute options, or even for ideas to make your own! Etsy as well as craft stores can be gold mines for finding supplies to make your own personalized Lolita pieces with. I also would check out thrift stores for unique items, tho they may be harder to find exactly what you want. It’s worth it when you find a blouse or pair of shoes that go perfectly with your coord ideas! Or even finding something that is close but easily customizable (hoping to find some blouses like this myself soon).

If you’d like some further reading on how to fluff up your Lolita wardrobe I’d highly suggest checking out F YEAH LOLITA! Blog for outfit advice. There is also a great article at Wicked Details about pairing corsets with Lolita outfits that really explains well why it works and things to think about when pairing them together.

Thanks for reading! And if you have any thoughts or comments be sure to let me know!


-Love and Lace!


Classic Lolita Engaged

Hello all! I was planning on the next post being about Black Forest Mori but I’ve been having some problems taking photos of outfits. The woes of dark clothing and poor lighting…

Until I get that fixed here is some Lolita related news! I just snagged my first classic lolita dress on Lace Market! It’s a cute and simple bodyline dress with a heart detail on the front. I’m really excited to make an outfit for it. I love Classic Lolita and I think it’s really neat how despite being brown this dress has a sweet vibe to it too.

ImageZoomed in image of the dress from Bodyline’s website.

I actually remember back in mid 2000’s, when brown Loli dresses were all but unheard of, someone posted a brown dress they had made to the EGL LJ community and received some nasty comments for it, having the dress rudely compared to feces. But the community didn’t disappoint and the unnecessarily rude commenter received a backlash from supporters of the lovely brown dress. Someone even drew a cute illustration of a ‘poop’ themed lolita coord complete with a curly poop head dress in retort to the commenter. I love the different ways Lolitas take and hand back any rudeness they are given. I feel like you have to have at least two skill points in ‘Sass’ to be a confident Lolita 😛

Now that I think about it I bet I could add a cute Mori girl vibe to the dress if I paired it with the right accessories, like this ‘fawn fur’ collar from Peacockalorum on Etsy. Maybe a nice sweater and foresty headdress like this antler one from sweetmildred. I think keeping to the brown/cream color combo will be key in successfully coordinating this dress. So many possibilities that I look forward to exploring! And of course I’ll share photos when it arrives! Until then~

-Love and Lace!